What passes and
what doesn’t

Thermal Scan

Gobbler Mass Testing accurately separates healthy people from infected people

Nobody infected escapes detection

Gobbler equipment is designed to handle many hundreds every 10 minutes

Gobbler medical


A temperature check comes first. 35.4c – 37.4c are normal. Outside of these temps are “Borderline” cases and they FAIL, the affected person is directed for medical care. If an Anti-gen test shows ANY sign of a disease molecule, no argument….. they FAIL and are directed for treatment.

If Antibodies are detected in DUAL testing, they are there for a reason.

Our combined diagnostic results will differentiate which combinations Pass or Fail.

You might think this brutal, it’s NOT. A lax attitude will cause Mass infection as is happening now. Gobbler Mass Testing accurately separates healthy people from infected people. Borderline cases and those that fail by test results are directed for professional treatment.

Consider this, if you tested clean, would YOU want to sit next to a Borderline case on your flight?

In reality, our remit is such that nobody infected escapes detection. Separating infected people from healthy people means you can safely go back to work, feed your family, go shopping, fly, take a cruise, visit friends, return to normal, which in today’s world seems a faraway dream, but in reality, can actually be around the corner.

It doesn’t stop there. Common sense dictates the Healthy can be VACCINATED when exiting the Mass-testing HUB. What could be simpler than to KEEP them healthy? Infected people can be vaccinated when recovered.

Gobbler equipment is designed to handle many hundreds every 10 minutes, but realistically depends on staff in attendance and available space. For very high flow-through, use additional plug-in modules, OR additional HUBS and modules as required.

Purchase MOQ tests and the HUBS are FOC. (Modules at cost).



Anti-Gen & Anti-Body Tests can be applied per person at the same time. The samples pass through the system together. Timing is crucial for successful results, with MASS TESTING HUBS it’s automatic, no clocks, no tests forgotten, no wasted time, human error eliminated. Details on request.

Qualified Medical Staff

The tests are administered as socially distanced, masked people walk through. Each person is identified to their samples which travel through the system side by side in numbered sequence. The tests are performed by suitably qualified medical staff.

One Stop Shop

The mechanism is permanently installed in a custom hard-covered trailer, the equipment cannot be removed. The trailer can be located in any convenient space. The Crew-cab towing van doubles as an office where certificates are issued to “Clean” people who PASS, It is suggested they are vaccinated as they exit. Why try to find them later? By using the App they can be documented at source.

Thermal Scan

Normal temperatures PASS to go forward, Hot/Cold temperatures FAIL and are redirected. (They do not take the following tests)

Test Results

As the samples exit the system they are easily assessed at a glance, Positive tests glow RED, they cannot escape detection. No argument, the infected person is redirected for treatment. Those that PASS collect their relevant paperwork, Dated Certificate and are free to leave, done in less than 15 minutes from taking the test.