Mass testing

The only way to deal with COVID-19 and the ongoing mutating strains, is by Mass testing with products that are proven to be the very best in the world, but of course, the secret of Mass testing is how to apply such products. That knowledge has been the missing link, until NOW.

Please see “Walk-through” on Documents page. The full system has 10 or 12 modules.

Proven to be the very best in the world

Fully mobile medical hubs

Guaranteed to deliver the most accurate results

Gobbler Medical is your one stop shop

Gobbler medical

Your One Stop Shop

Gobbler® has invented and patented, the practical, economical, fast and highly accurate way to test hundreds of thousands of people every 24 hours. Those that test Positive will be instantly separated and referred for treatment to prevent the infection spreading.

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There were other equally urgent considerations that needed to be dealt with to prevent making things worse.


In our role of dealing with world pollution we are acutely aware of plastic waste, so it was taken into account during the research and design by our Austrian partners, the manufacturers of our Gold Standard, CE/WHO/ISO approved Anti-gen and Anti-body products.

The resulting products weigh, including the associated paraphernalia, less than 9 grams per individual test. This tiny amount of waste is easily incinerated, eliminating plastic disposal and medical contamination issues.

Other companies neglected this issue, their products weighing ½ kg each will be dumped with tons of similar plastic waste on 3rd world countries, poisoning the oceans and food chains of our fragile Planet, already a major Global problem. We Don’t need more of these problems, it falls on us to sort them out!!!

Every Airline, Shopping Mall, Factory, Cruise line, University, Hospitality Company, Care Home, Music event, in fact businesses and organisations everywhere worldwide are in danger of bankruptcy from this pandemic, no matter where you live in the world you urgently need to talk to us.… NOW. We’re here to help.

We offer to discount the price of our Gold Standard test materials and provide FOC Mass Testing equipment to implement them, but only for the MOQ, quality products we provide quality products we provide to eliminate Covid-19, its Variants, mutations, and Low Viral Loads for the detection of Asymptomatic carriers.

Plastic Rubbish

Make no mistake, from the outset Covid-19 has mutated faster than vaccine development. Our earlier predictions have come true, so where does this leave you?

To keep Covid-19 and the advancing strains under control, Mass Testing is the only way forward …

MASS testing as has never been possible before!

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Mass Testing

Covid-19 is spreading like wildfire, out of control. Airports like Ghosts towns, shopping and socializing are things of the past, family meetings banned and nobody knows what to do. That’s the bad news…. it doesn’t have to be that way, so here’s the GOOD news!

Gobbler Mass testing equipment is designed and guaranteed to deliver the most accurate results, but ONLY when used with our own Gold Standard products, purchased from Gobbler Medical, a division of Gobbler Ltd.

You don’t pay rip-off prices, we’ve negotiated massive discounts for MOQ orders to help you beat the virus economically and efficiently, and where possible, cash rebates to help with PPE.


Gold Standard Tests

The Gobbler® Mass testing Hub and the Gold Standard tests are the affordable, highest accuracy, 100% mobile solution that works anywhere in the world…. in cities, rural areas , jungles, deserts, airports, sporting events…. Anywhere, you name it…. We’ll help you do it!



No Mains electricity? No problem… a portable generator will suffice. The HUBS are available NOW, built to order to deal with every eventuality.

Standard is 240v, if you need 110v, just tell us. (Generators optional extras)


Gobbler Mass Testing Hub

A Mass Testing Hub, value £85K, is donated FOC with every 300,000 tests, and yours to keep.

Tests are sold Ex-works Austria, delivery included. Mass -testing Hubs, only FOC with MOQ tests, delivery included.