Why are gobbler medical tests so accurate

Our Gold Standard serology tests are painless, non-invasive and detect the slightest sign of an antibody.

Instant results within 15 minutes of testing

Unprecedented coverage to detect the disease

Easy to read and fool-proof

No need for timers or constant watching

Currently RT-PCR and PCR are time consuming, over expensive , fraught with human error,  vastly over-rated and unreliable. Like Track & Trace, they are poorly documented, uncontrolled and Public testing is failing. Our optional  APP combined with QR  fills the gap

Gobbler medical

Gold Standard Tests

Simultaneous Antibody and Antigen testing if required.

Our non-invasive Anti-gen test is the next step to discover if a Covid-19 virus molecule is present. When the test detects the critical LOWEST Viral Loads,  the person FAILS.

If the molecule is weak in the early stages, with sub-standard cheap tests it is likely the virus in Asymptomatic  carriers cannot be detected.  If it’s there and left undetected… the Virus will mutate, develop and spread. An Anti-body is part of your body immune system, nature’s way of identifying and attacking viral invasion.

Our Gold Standard serology tests are painless, non-invasive and detect the slightest sign of an antibody. If it’s there, it’s there for a reason, but that reason has to be determined.

Records are crucial to patient care. Currently, PCR is poorly documented, Track and Trace uncontrolled, Public Testing failing. Our optional APP fills the gap. We’ve connected the dots and invented the simple answer! Please ask.

The Patented Gobbler “Mass Testing Covid-19 Hub”, gives instant results within 15 minutes of testing. Applied together, the Gold Standard Lateral Flow Anti-Gen & Anti Body tests provide unprecedented coverage to detect the disease, they are easy to read and fool-proof, automatically eliminating human error, the need for timers or constant watching.


The only reliable way of collecting samples is with nasopharyngeal swab. (See above diagram).

This is supported by physiology. The pharynx is the section where the conditions for spreading of the virus are ideal. This is why from the very beginning samples were collected from the nasopharynx.

It is therefore evident, that the first 2 cm of the nostril are not as representative as the nasopharynx, the swab needs to reach the back of the nasopharynx for the sample collection. The timing of the sample in the buffer fluid is critical and is done automatically within the Mass testing system. No clocks or timers are required, thus eliminating all human error.

99.9% accuracy is guaranteed.